Scouting families -

If you haven't heard - Crew 307 is going to Philmont in 2025!!

Join us as we will discuss and answer questions at your most convenient time:
* Sun Apr 14 - 7pm ONLINE  (
* Sun Apr 21 - 6:30pm CUMC Scout Room, at start of the Crew meeting

Scouts who will be age 14+ by July 2025 are eligible to attend.
Although not a hard requirement, we strongly recommend a rank of First Class, Camping and First Aid merit badges.

Philmont is one of the most iconic of BSA high adventure bases. See
This is not one to miss!!

Philmont offers high desert backpacking, with a multitude of activities including rock climbing and rappeling, in a beautiful, remote New Mexico wildnerness area.

Our council does a great job of organizing this one and also offers:
* flights and travel accommodations
* (usually) a Pike's Peak excursion and (often) an Air Force Academy stopover on the way down
* travel shirt and bag

On conclusion of this your scout will:
* be a seasoned, educated backpacker
* have worked closely with others as a team
* be exposed to real consequences of Preparation
* have bonding experiences with peers
* build solid foundation for self-confidence
* create memories lasting a lifetime

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